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Veterinary Nuclear Imaging becomes Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging and
opens the first dedicated small animal diagnostic imaging center in southern California.

Tustin, CA — May 1, 2000 — Veterinary Nuclear Imaging, the Irvine, California based company that has performed diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures in small animals for 15 years, is expanding its horizons to become a full service, multi-modality diagnostic imaging center. To mark the dramatic increase in services offered by the company it will undergo a name change to Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging.

As Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging, the company opened the doors to a new 5000 square foot facility in Tustin, California. In addition to the diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures previously performed for the last 15 years, AVMI now offers diagnostic MRI procedures on a daily basis. Installation of their in-house 0.2 T, open style Hitachi MRI system allows AVMI to offer diagnostic MRI procedures for their patients without the scheduling delays often associated with services provided by mobile truck based MRI providers.

“Patients in need of an MRI to investigate a severe neurologic problem, often can not afford to wait the additional time it takes to schedule a mobile service,” says Dr. Michael Broome, owner of AVMI. “We want to offer the southern California veterinary community an alternative.” AVMI is staffed by a group of dedicated veterinary professionals including a full time MR technologist with over 15 years experience performing MRI procedures in people and animals.

In addition to its current modalities, AVMI plans to add spiral CT to its list of diagnostic imaging modalities available to southern California veterinarians in the near future. “Our goal is to make the advanced diagnostic imaging modalities routinely used in human medicine available to the southern California veterinary medical community,” says Broome. Veterinarians wishing to refer cases for advanced diagnostic imaging procedures should call 800-717-AVMI(2864)

In addition to performing outpatient diagnostic imaging procedures on a referral basis for southern California veterinarians, AVMI will continue to perform systemic radionuclide therapies including radioiodine therapy for cats with hyperthyroidism and dogs with thyroid carcinoma in facilities that have been entirely designed from the ground up to accommodate the unique needs of these patients.

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