Long Beach, CA |
It was hard to leave Zeetah with Dr. Broome’s group, but she wasn’t feeling good.  She had lost 3 lbs. , and was getting very unhappy.  Feb 8, 2015 she went to see Dr. Broome,  and he found she had a small tumor on her thyroid….and she needed radioiodine to kill the tumor.  Zeetah had to spend 4 days at the care center…but she had her own private room and they had a Web cam on her, so we could see from home on our iPad how she was doing, anytime we wanted to.  Zeetah came home and started to feel better. Zeetah just had her last blood work done on May 12, 2015….and her blood work came back normal…we now have our baby feeling great, happy, and has normal thyroid now.  Thank you Dr. Broome and your entire staff for the great care and medical assistance you gave Zeetah! We are truly happy you could help our girl.
Patti, and Lori S.