Los Angeles, CA |

If your cat has hyperthyroid don’t hesitate to call Dr. Broome. The treatment of AVMI imaging/scanning method for dosing accurately makes all the difference in the world for a positive outcome for your cats CURE of hyperthyroidism (note: other places DOING 131- iodine TREATMENT may be good but I would only take my beloved cat to a place that offered the image-scan for proper dosing.)  I am a “Mother-hen” with my 14 yr cat, she has never spent a night without me, but the staff understood all my many concerns and were understanding to my needs. It has been 10 months since my cat’s treatment and I say she is better than ever.. and I am so grateful to God and Dr.Broome in every way.  I am surprised more Vets don’t tell folks about this CURE for hyperthyroidism (if their cat checks-out to be medically a good candidate.)

LeAnn M.