The following instructions are for veterinarians who wish to send us diagnostic imaging studies. Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging offers 4 methods for sending diagnostic imaging studies. These include the following:

1. DICOM Send

The acronym DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. This is the preferred way to send digital images because DICOM files contain embedded information including the patient name, age, sex, and date of the exam. This method requires a DICOM compliant device. Most DICOM viewing stations including eFilmOsirix and Clear Canvas are capable of sending using the DICOM send protocol. Numerous other software programs available on Windows, Macintosh and Linux are available including most proprietary viewing programs that come bundled with CR and DR systems. To send images using the DICOM send protocol you will need to enter the AE Title = AVMIEXTPACS IP Address = (if your device does not support a dns entry for the IP Address field you can manually enter the current number = Port = 11112 of our public PACS server into your viewing workstation or modality. AE Title entry requires ALL CAPS.  Please call 800-717-2864 or email us if you need additional assistance.

2. Web upload

This method can be used for uploading DICOM image files from any computer with internet access. Only DICOM image files are acceptable. We no long accept jpeg images. Click here to upload DICOM images from your computer directly to our server.

3. Laboratory Courier

AVMI has accounts with both Antech and IDEXX laboratories. Hard copy radiograph films can be sent via either laboratory courier service.

4. Fed Ex and/or US Mail

Our office is open 7 days a week to facilitate delivery by Fed Ex or US Mail.