Thank you for considering referring your patient to our facility for a diagnostic imaging procedure. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service in a timely fashion. In general the referral process is expected to proceed as follows:
  • The referring veterinarian sees the patient and refers the client to AVMI for a diagnostic imaging procedure.
  • Ideally, the referring veterinarian provides the client with a completed AVMI request form and copies of the supportive patient medical records.
  • The client calls AVMI to schedule an appointment for the diagnostic imaging procedure.
  • AVMI creates a digital medical record for the client and patient to which copies of the previous medical records information can be attached.
  • If the client was not provided with a completed AVMI request form and/or copies of the medical records, AVMI will emailĀ (or fax) the referring veterinarian a partially completed records request form for the patient.

...Contact Information

We appreciate the opportunity to communicate with referring veterinarians about their patients that require diagnostic imaging procedures before, during and after the patient's procedure. Please provide us with current contact information, including a front office or practice email, to ensure we can update you promptly regarding the status of your referred patient.

...Lab Work

Most diseases do not occur in a vacuum. In an effort to provide our patient's with the most comprehensive care possible, we request that you provide copies of any recent laboratory evaluations or diagnostic imaging studies/reports.

...Diagnostic Imaging Modality Selection Form

Not sure what is the best test to diagnose your patient? Have a look at our Diagnostic Imaging Modality Selection Form, or just give us a call. We like to talk to referring veterinarians prior to referral of their patients to make sure the optimal imaging procedure for their patient is performed.

...Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Request Form

To ensure we perform the correct diagnostic imaging procedure for your patient we request that referring veterinarians complete one of our "Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Request Forms". A copy of this form that has the referring veterinarian as well as the client and patient information pre-entered is emailed or faxed to the RDVM after the client calls to schedule the appointment. Completing this form should require less than 1 minute to check off the requested diagnostic procedure and provide a brief history for the patient.