Quantitation of the hepatobiliary dynamics in clinically normal dogs by use of 99mTc-iminodiacetate excretory scintigraphy

van den Brom WE, Rothuizen J.

Am J Vet Res 1990;51:249-252.

The hepatobiliary dynamics of a 99mTc-labeled derivative of iminodiacetate were investigated in 29 healthy dogs. A 2-compartment model proved to be adequate to describe the hepatic time-activity curve. Model-derived variables for the hepatic accumulation and the biliary excretion and transport were used as a reference for evaluation of a number of commonly used measurements directly derived from hepatic and biliary time-activity curves (graphic variables). The difference between t50(ex) and t95(ex), representing the moments when 50 and 95%, respectively, of the maximal count rate during the hepatic excretory phase were measured, proved to be an adequate graphic variable to quantitate biliary excretion. The use of other graphic variables to quantitate hepatobiliary functions seemed unjustified.