Clinical And Diagnostic Imaging Findings In Horses With Subchondral Bone Trauma Of The Sagittal Groove Of The Proximal Phalanx

Dyson SUE, Nagy A, Murray R.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2011;52:596-604.

Eight sports horses with unilateral (4) or bilateral (3) forelimb or unilateral hindlimb (1) lameness had subtle radiologic abnormalities of the subchondral bone of the sagittal groove of the proximal phalanx associated with moderate or intense increased radiopharmaceutical uptake. High-field or low-field magnetic resonance (MR) imaging confirmed the presence of a fissure fracture or subchondral and trabecular bone trauma. Seven of eight lesions were located approximately midway between the dorsal and palmar cortices of the proximal phalanx; the eighth was sited more dorsally. Two horses underwent follow-up MR imaging and abnormal signal intensity persisted, with little change.