Morphological and Immunohistological Characteristics of Follicular-Compact Thyroid Carcinoma in Dog

Ciaputa R., Nowak M., Kandefer-Gola M., et al.


Folia histochemica et cytobiologica / Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Histochemical and Cytochemical Society, 2014. 52(2): p.157-61.


The case of a 14-year-old mongrel dog with a thyroid tumor treated by thyreoidectomy is described. The resected tumor was subjected to a detailed morphological and immunohistochemical analysis utilizing antibodies directed against thyroglobulin, calcitonin, chromogranin A, cytokeratin 19, thyroid transcription factor-1, CD31, Ki-67 and minichromosome maintenance protein 3. Expression level of the above mentioned antigens allowed to characterize the resected tumor as thyroid follicular-compact carcinoma. Common application of immunohistochemistry may increase the diagnosis precision and efficacy of thyroid tumor treatment in dogs.