Clinical features of trigeminal nerve-sheath tumor in 10 dogs

Bagley RS, Wheeler SJ, Klopp L, et al.

Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 1998;34:19-25.

Nerve-sheath tumor was diagnosed in 10 dogs with clinical signs of unilateral trigeminal nerve dysfunction. Unilateral temporalis and masseter muscle atrophy were present in all cases. An enlarged foramen and distorted rostral petrous temporal bone were seen with computed tomography imaging in one case. Magnetic resonance imaging was used to identify the lesion accurately in seven cases. Surgery was performed for biopsy and lesion removal in three cases. Cases not treated had a progressive course eventually resulting in euthanasia or death. Of the cases treated surgically, one case is alive without disease progression 27 months after surgery. Survival times of the nontreated cases ranged from five to 21 months.