Investigation of a Commercial Elisa for the Detection of Canine Procalcitonin

Floras A.N., Holowaychuk M.K., Hodgins D.C., et al.


J Vet Intern Med, 2014. 28(2): p.599-602.


BACKGROUND: Rapid identification of sepsis enables prompt administration of antibiotics and is essential to improve patient survival. Procalcitonin (PCT) is a biomarker used to diagnose sepsis in people. Commercial assays to measure canine PCT peptide have not been validated. OBJECTIVE: To investigate the validity of a commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) marketed for the measurement of canine PCT. ANIMALS: Three dogs with sepsis, 1 healthy dog, 1 dog with thyroid carcinoma. METHODS: Experimental study. The ELISA’s ability to detect recombinant and native canine PCT was investigated and intra-assay and interassay coefficients of variability were calculated. Assay validation including mass spectrometry of the kit standard solution was performed. RESULTS: The ELISA did not consistently detect recombinant canine PCT. Thyroid lysate yielded a positive ELISA signal. Intra-assay variability ranged from 18.9 to 77.4%, while interassay variability ranged from 56.1 to 79.5%. Mass spectrometry of the standard solution provided with the evaluated ELISA kit did not indicate presence of PCT. CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL IMPORTANCE: The results of this investigation do not support the use of this ELISA for the detection of PCT in dogs.