Retinol Binding Protein in Serum and Urine of Hyperthyroid Cats before and after Treatment with Radioiodine.

Van Hoek I., Meyer E., Duchateau L., et al.

Conference Proceedings, (2008). American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-PROC. 26TH ACVIM FORUM, San Antonia, TX: p.731

Retinol binding protein (RBP) is a marker of renal tubular dam- age that is variably detected in urine of untreated hyperthyroid (HT) cats (van Hoek et al., JIM 2008;329:208–213). No data are available on serum RBP in cats or on the influence of treatment on serum or urinary RBP. In humans, serum RBP concentrations can be significantly lower in hyperthyroidism compared to eu- and hypothyroidism. The objectives of this study were to evaluate serum and urinary RBP levels in HT cats compared to healthy cats (H), and the influence hereon of radioiodine (131I) treatment.