Plasma Clearance of Exogenous Creatinine, Exo-Iohexol and Endo-Iohexol in Healthy Cats, Cats with Hyperthyroidism and Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Van Hoek I., Lefebvre H.P., Croubels S., et al.

Conference Proceedings, (2008). American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine-PROC. 26TH ACVIM FORUM, San Antonia, TX: p.797

Measurement of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in cats allows detection of a decreased kidney function in an early stage of kidney disease. The plasma clearance of exogenous creatinine (PECCT) seems to be a promising alternative to the more complicated methods for GFR measurement in cats. The objective of this study was to compare PECCT, exo-iohexol (Pex-ICT) and endo-iohexol (Pen-ICT) for discriminating healthy cats (H), hyperthyroid cats (HT) and cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD) suspected to have respectively normal, high and low GFR values.