Use of negative contrast computed tomography for diagnosis of a colonic duplication in a dog

de Battisti A, Harran N, Chanoit G, et al.

The Journal of small animal practice 2013;54:547-550.

A 24-week-old dog was presented with recurrent rectal prolapse because of colonic duplication. Colonic duplication is an extremely uncommon congenital abnormality, with only six cases reported in veterinary medicine, one diagnosed at necropsy and five after barium enema, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, exploratory laparotomy either alone or in combination. In this case, these techniques failed to identify the abnormality and diagnosis was ultimately achieved via negative contrast computed tomography. The evaluation generated by the computed tomography images allowed a refined surgical approach. To the authors’ knowledge, negative contrast computed tomography has not yet been reported in the veterinary literature to diagnose gastrointestinal pathologies. Colonic duplication in this case was treated by removal of the intercolonic septum via colotomy.