Tethered spinal cord and an intradural lipoma associated with a meningocele in a Manx-type cat

Plummer SB, Bunch SE, Khoo LH, et al.

J Am Vet Med Assoc 1993;203:1159-1161.

An 8-month-old neutered male Manx-type cat was evaluated because of clear fluid that had been draining from a skin mass dorsocaudal to the sacrum for 1 week. Neurologically, the cat had poor postural reactions and poor withdrawal reflexes in the hind limbs. Ultrasonography of the dorsal sacral area revealed a 3-cm-long hypoechoic tract extending from the skin mass cranioventrally to the area of the sacrum. The tract appeared to contain a circular mass. Results of myelography and computed tomography helped to confirm the diagnosis of a meningocutaneous tract containing a mass. Surgical exploration was performed and the tract was excised. Histologic changes were similar to those in human beings with tethered spinal cord syndrome and an intradural lumbosacral lipoma. Surgery was indicated in this cat to prevent progression of neurologic signs associated with tethered cord syndrome and to prevent problems associated with loss of CSF through a fistulated meningocele.