Stomach Wall Evaluation Using Helical Hydro-Computed Tomography

Terragni R, Vignoli M, Rossi F, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2012;53:402-405.

In helical hydro-computed tomography (helical hydro-CT), water is used as a neutral luminal contrast medium together with intravenous iodine contrast medium for the diagnosis and staging of human gastric neoplasia. We evaluated the feasibility of helical hydro-CT in 11 healthy animals (nine dogs and two cats). Adequate uniform gastric distension was obtained with 30 ml water/kg body weight. Fourteen client-owned dogs and four cats with suspected or diagnosed gastric neoplasia then underwent helical hydro-CT followed by intravenous contrast medium administration. Focal thickening with moderate contrast enhancement was found in 10 dogs and 3 cats. The extent of the lesion was assessed easily in all these patients. Three dogs and one cat had a normal stomach wall. One dog had multifocal thickening of the antrum but no histopathologic diagnosis was made. Helical hydro-CT, followed by intravenous contrast medium administration, is a simple technique for assessing the stomach wall.