Spontaneous pneumothorax associated with Aspergillus bronchopneumonia in a dog

Trempala CL, Herold LV.

J Vet Emerg Crit Care (San Antonio) 2013;23:624-630.

OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of pulmonary aspergillosis in a previously healthy dog that manifested as a spontaneous pneumothorax. CASE SUMMARY: A 3-year-old neutered male mixed-breed dog was presented with inappetence and respiratory distress. Thoracic radiography revealed a right-sided pneumothorax. Following stabilization, thoracic computed tomography found 1 large and many small pulmonary blebs in the right caudal lung lobe. The dog underwent a right lateral thoracotomy, identifying numerous emphysematous regions in the right middle lung lobe, and a right middle lung lobectomy was performed. Histopathologic examination of the resected lung lobe revealed severe, diffuse bronchopneumonia with necrotizing pleuritis and the presence of fungal organisms strongly suggestive of Aspergillus sp. Surgical removal of the affected lung lobe and continued medical treatment with itraconazole resolved the dog’s clinical signs. NEW INFORMATION PROVIDED: This report describes the successful surgical and medical management of Aspergillus bronchopneumonia in a dog presenting with spontaneous pneumothorax.