Retrospective assessment of computed tomographic imaging of feline sinonasal disease in 62 cats

Schoenborn WC, Wisner ER, Kass PP, et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2003;44:185-195.

Sixty-two cats with sinonasal disease were evaluated with computed tomography. Findings that may lead to a computed tomographic diagnosis of nasal neoplasia versus rhinitis included osteolysis of the paranasal bones, moderate to severe turbinate destruction, lysis of the nasal septum, the presence of a homogenous space occupying mass, and extension of the disease process into the orbit or facial soft tissues. These findings were not pathognomonic for neoplasia and may be associated with severe rhinitis; therefore, nasal biopsy was recommended. When compared with parallel radiographic studies, computed tomography was not more sensitive than radiographs at detecting the presence of nasal cavity abnormalities in cats with referable clinical signs but was more sensitive at localizing these changes and determining the extent of disease.