Of The Lower Forelimb Of The Horse

Cheung TK, Thompson KN.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1993;34:331-333.

This study uses computed tomography and computer aided design software (I-DEAS(tm)) for the development of a three-dimensional electronic solids model of the lower limb of the horse. Data from two millimeter transverse contiguous slices of the distal forelimb of a yearling horse were acquired from a computed tomographic scanner and then transferred to a computer system via magnetic tape. Outline of the bony tissue for each scan slice was first obtained with a feature extraction algorithm. A solids model for each skeletal segment of the specimen was then reconstructed with I-DEAS(tm) and subsequently displayed with various graphics options. The reconstructed electronic solids model would be useful for the study of 3D joint mechanics and finite element analysis of the bony structures, as well as for diagnostic purposes providing CT images could be obtained antemortem.