Imaging Diagnosis—Celiacomesenteric Trunk And Portal Vein Hypoplasia In A Pit Bull Terrier

Ricciardi M, Martino R, Assad EA.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2014;55:190-194.

The computed tomography (CT) imaging findings of a celiacomesenteric trunk (CMT) in a 1-year-old dog with primary hypoplasia of the portal vein (PHPV) are described. Computed tomography angiography revealed acquired porto-systemic shunts secondary to portal hypertension and a common origin of the celiac and cranial mesenteric arteries. The imaging findings and the association of a CMT with other vascular diseases have never been reported in dogs. The recognition of this rare arterial anomaly should prompt to investigate possible concurrent vascular diseases and may influence the planning of abdominal surgeries.