Ct-Guided Stereotactic Brain Biopsy Using The Kopf Stereotactic System


Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2008;49:438-443.

This report describes computed tomography (CT)-guided stereotactic brain biopsy using the Kopf stereotactic system, a commercially available patient restraint system which does not require additional modification for use in small animals. The accuracy of biopsy needle placement was determined by injecting dilute iohexol into cadaver brains and comparing the three-dimensional coordinates of the desired target location to the actual needle tract observed on postcontrast CT images. Overall mean error in needle placement in a dorsoventral trajectory was 0.9±0.9†mm (n=80 injections) for dogs and 1.0±1.1†mm (n=30 injections) for cats. The overall mean error in needle placement via an oblique trajectory in five dogs was 1.7±1.6†mm (n=12 injections). These results suggest that this system can be used to successfully place a biopsy needle into the brain to obtain biopsies from small lesions.