Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomographic Imaging Of The Auditory Tube In Mesaticephalic Dogs


Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2007;48:125-128.

Computed tomography after contrast medium injection was performed in three mesaticephalic canine cadavers to image the auditory tube. Cadavers were positioned in lateral recumbency for imaging. A myringotomy incision was made in the left tympanic membrane of each dog, and contrast medium was infused into the ear canal and middle ear through a balloon-tip catheter. With this method, contrast medium filled the left bulla and auditory tube in all three cadavers. Computed tomography following contrast medium injection was effective for evaluation of the canine auditory tube. Future studies are required to determine the usefulness, as well as the safety, of this procedure in the evaluation of the auditory tube in other breeds of dogs as well as dogs with otitis media.