Computed Tomographic Imaging Of Nasal Disease In 100 Dogs

Burk RL.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1992;33:177-180.

One hundred dogs with nasal disease were evaluated by computed tomography (CT). Certain findings were significantly correlated with neoplasia. These included patchy areas of increased density within soft tissue opacity, destruction of part or all of the ethmoid bones, abnormal soft tissue in the retrobulbar spaces, destruction of one or both the lateral maxillae, destruction of the nasal bone or rostral dorsal maxilla, or hyperostosis of the lateral maxilla. Combinations of these findings were even more significant for neoplasia. No single finding or combination of findings was absolutely definitive of neoplasia. The results of this study are useful in indicating that biopsy results should be questioned if one or more of the above factors is present and a diagnosis of inflammation is made.