Computed tomographic findings of dogs with cubital joint lameness

Reichle JK, Park RD, Bahr AM.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2000;41:125-130.

The purpose of this study was to identify the incidence of abnormal computed tomography (CT) findings in dogs with lameness of one or both elbows. CT examinations of 102 elbows in 51 dogs were reviewed individually and by group consensus by 3 examiners and graded for various abnormalities. Frequently encountered abnormalities included abnormal shape and sclerosis of the medial coronoid process of the ulna, irregularity of the radial incisure of the ulna, and ulnar trochlear notch sclerosis. Other abnormalities included distinct/separate or fissure/in situ fragmentation of the medial coronoid; lucency of the radial incisure; ununited anconeal process; sclerosis, lucency, or flattening of the medial aspect of the humeral condyle; osteophyte formation; and joint incongruity. In conclusion, CT of the canine cubital joint is useful in identification of various lesions beyond simple fragmentation of the medial coronoid process of the ulna.