Anatomic reference for computed tomography of the head of the foal

Smallwood JE, Wood BC, Taylor WE, et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2002;43:99-117.

The purpose of this study was to produce an anatomic reference for computed tomography (CT) of the head of the foal for use by radiologists, clinicians, and veterinary students. The head from each of 2 foals, euthanized for reasons unrelated to head pathology, was removed and prepared for CT scanning. Using a third-generation CT scanner, 5-mm contiguous transverse images were acquired. The heads were then frozen and sectioned using a band saw, with the cuts matched as closely as possible to the CT slices. The anatomic sections were photographed and radiographed. The radiographs and anatomic photographs were digitized and matched with the corresponding CT image. Each CT image was compared with its corresponding radiographic and anatomic section to assist in the accurate identification of specific structures. Clinically relevant structures were identified and labeled in corresponding images (CT, anatomic slice, and radiograph of slice). Only structures identified in the CT image were labeled in 1 of the other 2 images. Sagittal (reference) images of the horse’s head were reconstructed from the transverse CT scans, and were used to indicate the level from which each of the transverse images was obtained. Corresponding labeled images were then formatted together with a legend for identification of specific anatomic structures.