A Computed Tomographic Study Of Volume And X-Ray Attenuation Of The Lungs Of Beagles In Various Body Positions

Ahlberg N-E, Hoppe F, Kelter U, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 1985;26:43-47.

The influence of body position on volume and x-ray attenuation of the lungs of three Beagles was investigated with computed tomography. In left and right lateral recumbency, the dependent lung had decreased volume and increased x-ray attenuation compared with ventral recumbency. Volume and x-ray attenuation of the nondependent lung, however, were unchanged. In dorsal recumbency, there was a vertical gradient of x-ray attenuation being increased dorsally and decreased ventrally compared with ventral recumbency where regional differences in x-ray attenuation were not found. Results indicate a risk of overlooking a mass in the dependent pulmonary parenchyma of dogs in lateral and dorsal recumbency. Regional differences in x-ray attenuation of the lungs of dogs can be avoided if the radiographs are obtained with the dog in ventral recumbency.