AVMI adds HDTV to their Feline Radiotherapy ward to provide further environmental enrichment for their hyperthyroid cat patients.

In their continued effort to provide the best for their hyperthyroid cat patient’s, Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging has installed a 55 inch LCD Sony HDTV in their feline hyperthyroid cat therapy room. “Coupled with Cat Sitter© videos this new high definition TV should provide yet another form of environmental enrichment for our hyperthyroid cats hospitalized for radioiodine therapy” says Dr. Michael Broome, owner of AVMI.

AVMI upgraded to Snyder Cat CottagesTM and added personal iCat Web Cams for each hyperthyroid cat patient in 2008. AVMI clients expressed a tremendous enthusiasm for the web cams that allowed them to watch their cat live during its hospitalization for radioiodine therapy. After giving their clients the opportunity to watch their cats, AVMI decided it was finally time to give the cats something to watch. Now the only question is, who will get the remote control?