AVMI integrates DVMax Web Access

AVMI has once again improved on their client and referring veterinarian access to cats hospitalized for radioiodine therapy for hyperthyroidism. The initial introduction of our personal iCat web cams for each hospitalized hyperthyroid cat has been met with tremendous positive feedback from our clients. Clients are both entertained and reassured by being able to watch their hyperthyroid cat while it is away from home during the brief hospitalization needed for radioiodine therapy. To further expand on our goal of transparency, AVMI has taken the additional step of integrating web access to our practice management software for both clients and referring veterinarians with hospitalized hyperthyroid cats.

Integration with the DVMax veterinary practice management software now allows AVMI clients and referring veterinarians to view up to date medical records entries for their hospitalized hyperthyroid cats. This information includes the results of various diagnostic procedures including thyroid scintigraphy as well as in-house and reference laboratory blood and urine test results. Medical records access also ensures clients and referring veterinarians access to patient observation information including physical examination results, body weights as well as appetite and attitude information recorded multiple times daily by the technicians caring for these patients.

“The integration of patient records information with our web site and specifically with our iCat web cam pages was easy to accomplish because the DVMax software already supports the ability to enable web access for referring veterinarians” says Dr. Michael Broome, owner of AVMI. “The DVMax practice management software includes powerful tools that allow us to easily provide personalized patient records access to both referring veterinarians and clients.”

The combination of individual personalized iCat web cam and web based patient medical records access ensures complete transparency of the process of radioiodine therapy for AVMI clients and their referring veterinarians.